For Those Advocating Change: 3 Recruitment Truths

Are you currently climbing up the decision making ladder for approval of a mobile website/app, revamp of your current virtual tour or implementing a CRM system? The 2015 Social Media Admissions Report via Chegg, offers three clear conclusions that will support your case. The results are not shocking but rather reaffirming of the idea that next generation of college applicants will require that colleges and universities adapt to meet the current demand that information be dynamic, digital and instantaneous.

1. Visuals are Crucial

Let’s just face it; teens are not reading through paragraphs of copy. So, scrap the lengthy description of your school history on your website and put a video in its place. These findings back that up:

  •  - Top 3 social media channels used for college search: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram which rely heavily of image and video based content.
  • - 80% of college applicants polled reported watching a YouTube video from a college before applying.

Can you really blame teens for preferring dynamic content? I’d much rather watch a movie or stream Pandora then read a book… that being said I am a millennial myself.

2. Digital and Mobile First

While direct mail still has its benefits, your recruitment campaigns must be driven by digital activations first and foremost. The report concludes that in 2015, smart phones served as a primary device for students interacting with schools during the college search process.

  • - Laptops and mobile phones accounted for a combined 78% of college search traffic.
  • - 59% of teens confirmed they visit college websites once a week using their smart phone.
  • - 68% of teens used a mobile app for admissions information
  • - 33% took virtual tours via mobile
  • - 40% scheduled a visit via mobile

If you pay attention to the order in which teens are using their devices, it is easy to identify that the first impression a prospective student has of your school is via their smart phone. If you are neglecting to make this a priority in your recruitment strategy and digital experience then you are potentially losing valuable conversions.

3. Be Punctual and Personal

For every admissions director out there who is begging their school to implement a CRM system…distribute this report at your next finance meeting and simply smile.

  • - 91% of college bound teens would be happy to receive communications from a college admissions office if the information was tailored to their specific needs.
  •  - Once submitting a contact form to an admissions office, 62% of teens are expecting a response in 24 hours or less from a college representative.

Realistically, your school is not the only one a prospect has applied to. To ensure your communications stand out in a sea of emails, something as small as personalization can go a long way. CRMs are effective tools for validating leads in the admissions process as well. For each action taken by the prospect, there should be a prompt reaction from your admissions team.

Trends come and go, but these three conclusions are here to stay. May this serve you well in your advocacy for change and may your college or university see the light. To submit inquiries, sign up for our newsletter or receive a complimentary recruitment consultation please fill out the form below.

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