Introducing CampusGlance: Culture Driven Virtual Tour


If your school is currently using a virtual tour you may agree that there is something missing. While it is great to be able to point to your campus on a map or walk prospects from building to building virtually, a void still remains. If we look to on campus visits as examples of effective recruitment practices one thing is for sure. The experience is dynamic; prospects see, hear and feel multiple aspects of campus life. These aspects come together to create your campus culture. Our unique spin on a virtual tour, CampusGlance, is designed to fill the void found in today’s virtual tours by leveraging that one important piece…campus culture.

Culture is best showcased through story telling. A story creates an immersive experience that prospects can envision being a part of. CampusGlance encourages the use of YouTube videos and audio clips to better share unique experiences that only your school can provide. All the camera angles and aerial views in the world can show your school campus off, but it takes a unique approach to paint a picture of what it feels like to be a part of the action.

To help schools more effectively share campus culture we are offering CampusGlance free to all schools. We have designed an easy to use setup for higher education administrators to customize their own unique virtual tour to turn interested prospects into applicants and eventually matriculated students. I have broken down the five easy steps to launch your schools virtual tour experience:
1. Pick your brand colors to match your current website.
2. Upload your school emblem and image that represents your campus.
3. Pick the areas of interest that best represent your school.
4. Add dynamic content to illustrate campus life (Images, YouTube videos, audio clips).
5. Place the code provided into your existing website on a page of your choosing.

CampusGlance integrates seamlessly with your schools website and operates on desktop, tablets and most importantly, mobile devices. Even if your school’s website is not mobile friendly your CampusGlance will operate fully responsive as it is hosted by us. We’ve done the heavy lifting; all you need to do is get creative with images and video audio clips to create a captivating virtual tour experience.


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