Stop Using Repurposed Technology For Your Virtual Tours

As college admissions enter the future of marketing, using virtual tours to showcase campus culture and on demand information will become the norm. Currently this technology is cutting edge for colleges and universities so it is important to look at how another industry has used similar technology and learn from their failures.

The Real Estate industry has been using virtual tours since as early as 1997. If there is one industry to take a look at, they have the most history and present us the most opportunity to learn. According to a survey given by the National Association of Realtors, listings with a virtual tour receive nearly double the website views and some real estate tour providers have such visibility that their listings show up on the first page of Google.

Unfortunately, because of these great statistics, the real estate industry is looked at as a role model. Many college and universities have taken a cue from this industry and introduced sub-par virtual tour offerings and have been using repurposed technology platforms such as YouVisit. These virtual tour platforms were not built with the end user in mind. Selecting a college and selecting a house are entirely different decisions. On top of that traditional virtual tours are complicated to use and require edits to be made on a higher level.

What does all of this mean for your CampusGlance app?

Through our research and technical expertise we created a product that is exceptionally easy to use. CampusGlance does not require the QuadLyfe team to make changes for you – after an initial training we are confident that your team will be able to make all changes with little to no help from us.

Millennials have grown up with smart phones, fast internet and in turn have an “instant gratification” mindset. Offering well timed tours that showcase your campus highlights will not be enough to sway this group to attend, instead try the virtual tour route and students can access your tour at anytime from anywhere.

While the typical virtual tour (often created with the repurposed technology) shows campus buildings and facilities through a series of static images, CampusGlance allows prospective students to truly experience the passion of the student fan section at college sports events, listen-in on a classroom lecture, take in the sights and sounds of campus dining and dorm life – all through this culture driven virtual tour.

Virtual tours can bring a campus to life. But the success or the failure is all in the execution. With the QuadLyfe team by your side and CampusGlance in your corner, your success is guaranteed! For more information about CampusGlance please send us a message.

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