Why students want your school to have an app

Quad Blog Student App pic


“What’s on the dining hall menu today?”

“What clubs can I join?”

“Where do I find out about events on campus?”

These are all traditional, commonly asked questions when a new student steps foot on your campus, but over time the typical questions asked have evolved (and continue to evolve) to focus more on campus culture. In the near future, instead of asking the above three questions, students will want to know the answers before they even think to ask them. That’s where Quadlyfe comes in. We can help you answer all your potential students’ questions before they even think to ask them.

Millennials have grown up with smart phones, fast internet and in turn have an “instant gratification” mindset. Offering well timed tours that showcase your campus highlights will not be enough to sway this group to attend. They need to be able to view the highlights as soon as possible before they even consider visiting your campus. As administrators it is now your job to be available for a tour exactly when potential students decide they want one.

Although an app will accommodate the always on, instant gratification seeking students, it can actually meet the needs of more traditional students as well. Many college students seek active social lives in addition to excellent academics. Offering Greek life or posting a flyer in common areas is no longer enough. Many schools get it wrong and think that email is the answer to driving attendance at events but email amongst college students is less effective than it once was. If you want to encourage a healthy social life an app is where students will actually check what’s coming up because it will be at their convenience.

In addition to a more organized social calendar, technology and particularly smartphones are helping to reshape safety efforts on campuses.  Several new apps offer fast ways for students who are facing unsafe or uncomfortable situations to reach out to their peers, connect with campus resources or notify law enforcement.

Still need more proof as to why your campus could be losing out on top recruits because you’re not mobile friendly? Email us at info@quadlyfe.com to schedule a free consultation on mobile solutions.